We are fully utilizing the BIM potential in designing and creating models for further project levels. BIM methodology streamlines the entire investment process. It is composed of several parts:

BIM – Building Information Model
What is being designed? 3D models, graphic models, and design documentation.

BIM – Building Information Modelling
How is it being designed? Through the applied standards, methods and procedures, all the
participants in the process can communicate using the same language.

BIM – Building Information Management
How is it managed? With consistent knowledge of processes, information flow and lead times,
projects can be implemented efficiently.


A complete digital model of the building is the source of key informations for all participants in the process.

Work environment

A common data environment that provides access to up-to-date informations.

Analysis and coordination

The complexity of the created informations favors the optimization of the adopted design solutions and enables efficient coordination.


The use of parametric programming and the automation of repetitive tasks allows us to fully focus on the most important tasks of the project.