Scope of our activities

Plumbing. All water & sewage systems and networks, including fire water systems.

Mechanical. Heating, cooling, ventilation, compressed air, and other specialized systems.

Low voltage systems. Acoustic warning and fire alarm systems, BMS, access control, CCTV, and control systems.

Electrical. Electrical installations and networks.

Structural. Cast-in-situ reinforced concrete structures, prestressed steel structures.

Industry sectors

Lighting. Interior and exterior lighting at the conceptual and executive phase. Lighting

control and management systems for lighting monitoring.

BIM and Data Management. Design and process management in accordance with BIM.

Information management in the process and model.

Sustainability. Design which meet the highest environmental and user comfort criteria. Designing solutions for customer requirements.

Roads. Infrastructure design in the scope required by new cubature investments.

Surveying. Map making and support at the design stage. Site and buildings scanning for 3d clouds.

Scope of our services


BIM Modelling.



Energy performance modelling

Further areas of competence

In addition to our core business, we also represent a variety of other skills we are using on a day-today basis.

Green construction and certification of buildings.We engineer our designs in accordance with WELL, LEED, BREEAM certification requirements.

BIM. We manage the process from the concept phase to the user phase. We assist in planning the process as a whole, or its specific components.

Working on point clouds. Laser scanning. These are some of the solutions we use in such projects as building alterations or renewal.