The Team

Rewitech is a team of personalities who are pursuing a joint direction.

As a team, we can offer more than just the sum of our individual experience. We truly believe that by coming together, we become experts in every field. We know that we can go ahead through passion and continuous development, while continuously deriving true satisfaction from what we do.


With innovative technologies and BIM methodology, we can offer optimized solutions to our clients. What matters most for us is that the client gets a solution optimized for his needs. This is exactly why we are continuously improving our knowledge and searching for new opportunities for creating our designs.

Our Values:

Continuous Improvement. We are happy about success but we continuously aim higher.

People. The people we work with are our greatest advantage.

Team work. Nobody is an expert in everything. But as a team, we are true experts in any field.

Commitment. We are truly committed to our clients’ needs, we identify with our firm’s mission and operations.

Professionalism. We are accountable for the actions and decisions we take. We view every problem as a new challenge.


There are 6 design departments in our firm’s structure. Every department is a dedicated team of experts in the particular field.
• Structural
• Mechanical installations
• Plumbing installations
• Electrical installations
• Energy modelling